International Meeting 2018

8th International Youth Toward Assisi Meeting

12-19 August 2018

Made to Shine

The beauty of holiness 


Sunday 12 August 2018 (Saint Rufino, Patron of Assisi)

Arrival from 14.00 and set up campground
18:30: Supper at the campground
21:00: Prayer vigil in the Lower Basilica

Monday 13 August 2018

7:30-8:30: Breakfast at camping
8:45: Prayer
9:00: departure for pilgrimage in groups toward the Hermitage of the Carceri
12:00: departure from the hermitage
13:00: lunch at the campground
16:00: Testimony by friar
18:00: Mass at San Rufino
20:00: Supper at campground
21:30: Prayer vigil introduced by a brief synthesis of the day

Tuesday 14 August 2018 (Saint Maximilian Kolbe)

7:30- 8:30: Breakfast at campground
 Morning prayer in national groups
9:00-11:30: Visit in groups of nation/language  at the Sanctuary of Dispossession.
12:00: Mass in the Upper Basilica of Saint Francis
13:30: Lunch at the Sacred Convent with long sharing with the groups of the first day
Afternoon spent according to national group
19:00: Supper at campground
20:30: Charismatic Vigil

Wednesday 15 August 2018 (Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary)

7:30- 8:30: Breakfast at campground
9:00- 10:00: Lectio Divina of Acts 8: 26-40
Pilgrimage to Rivotorto
12:00: Mass at Rivotorto
13:30: Lunch at Rivotorto
15:00: Pilgrimage to Saint Mary of the Angels with recitation of the rosary
16:00: Visit to the Porziuncola
time planned according to the national groups
20:00: Supper at campground
Free prayer after dinner (exposition of the blessed sacrament until 24:00)

Thursday 16 August 2018
7:00- 8:00: Breakfast in the campground
9:00: Holy Mass at Saint Clare-Cross of San Damiano
11:30-13:00: Sacred Convent: workshop
13:00: Lunch at the Sacred Convent
15:00: Workshops begin again
19:00: Supper at campground
20:30: Penitential liturgy at campground

Friday 17 August 2018
7:00-8:00: breakfast
take down the tents
9:00: Departure for Rome
13:00: Lunch at Seraphicum
15:00-17:00: preparation for evangelization in linguistic groups taken care of by the Sveglia Francescana
17:30: Holy Mass at Seraphicum
18:30: Fast dinner at Seraphicum
by 20:00: departure from Seraphicum
21:00: evangelization in the squares of Rome

Saturday 18 August 2018
7:00-8:00: Breakfast
8:30: Moment of common prayer done well, give the sense of the day
Day completely free for national groups
Bagged lunch
Holy Mass in national groups (need to pre-book)
19:00: Supper at Seraphicum
20:30: Final evening at Seraphicum proposed by workshops

Sunday 19 August 2018
7:00-7:45: breakfast
Departure for the Basilica of the Holy Apostles
9:30: Holy mass at SS. XII Apostles presided by the Minister General
journey to Saint Peter’s Square
12:00: Prayer of Angulus with the Pope

Place of the Meeting

Assisi: Camping Fonemaggio 

Rome: International College Seraphicum.

Modality of Inscription

For those who know the number of participants (including friars) by 25 February 2018 and have paid the cover charge or 50 euros per person by 4 March 2018, will receive a discount of 5% of the fixed price.

To simplify the logistics at a general level we ask those who will join in Assisi or Rome with a bus, bring your own tents. We planned the time to mount and take down the tents that are needed in Assisi and also in Rome, that will need to be done by those who bring them.

Whoever brings tents will have a discount off the price of inscription, that will be qualified by 31 January 2018.

Between December and January, we will send you indications that will serve to complete inscription by any participant.

Deadline for inscription for all: 27 May 2018

Payment of deposit by 15 June 2018



fr. Juan Cormenzana     (


Andrej Fegus                ( )

Frère Daniel-Marie       ( )

fr. Zè Carlos                 ( )

Christian Borghesi        ( )

fr. Konrad Schlattmann  (

fr. Almir Rodrigues de Siqueira   (

fr. Rocio Bermejo          ( )

 fr. Josip Petonjic           ( )

fr. Mike Lasky               ( )

fr. Luigi  Minyong Hong  ( )

fr. Piotr Odoj                 ( )

 fr. Elias Marswanian    ( )

fr. Clement Talin           ( )

Felipe Rocha                  ( )

fr.Nicolai                       ( )